Fauna Planet

Fauna-categorization of animals that are located in a specific region, habitat, or area.

Fuanaplant.TV though will be much more than animals as its goal is to be a valuable, online resource for natural living ,self-sufficiency and ecology.

Some of the subjects that we will cover are the following:

  • Environment Awareness
  • Natural Healing-cannabis, CBD and other naturopathic healing methods will be looked into
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Herbs-Both medicinal and cooking herbs
  • Animals-Hunting, trapping and man’s co-existence with nature
  • Self Sufficiency-Natural methods of growing  and other resources and also indoor growing techniques for the cold winter months

Above all, I want Faunaplanet.tv to help the reader think and better interact with all creatures (plant and animal) that are living on planet earth.

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Fauna Planet